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There are many reasons why you should manage your own social media. For example, no one knows your business better than you do but if you’re not 10000% committed, you will be wasting a lot of time and money. Not to mention damaging your brand. Social media is more than just posting, it’s storytelling.

What you say on social platforms will have to capture the attention of your audience. A logo and a pretty discount code for 25% off just won’t do. Social media is not "always" about sales. It’s about communicating and relationship building, which if done right can lead to increased sales. Without having your brand in your client's faces and communicating with them about your business, you simply fade out into the algorithm.

Social media involves real-time posting and response. A whopping 89% of social media requests go unanswered by brands which often leads to those clients heading straight to your competitor’s front door. That means you can’t take a break from social because you had a weeklong conference or on the weekends. It also means you can’t pick and choose which comments you want to respond to either. People want a reply really quickly!
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